Swiss Plastic Pallet Box w/Aluminum Containers

The plastic box with aluminum containers has a glass topped lid. It will allow for the pigments to scatter some as the lids are not as tight fitting as theĀ all plastic swiss boxes, but markedly less so that other boxes. It is suitable for solvent based in-painting media. The containers can be removed from the wells for filling or cleaning. They are secured with a small bead of adhesive, but can be removed.

Space between the rows allows for placement of brushes, micro spatulas and other small tools. These boxes are constructed to be stackable. They are molded plastic with a transparent hinged cover and black base. They each have 23 round lidded containers in wells. The overall dimensions are 10 3/16 x 4 1/8 x 1 inch. The containers are split with 21 having 3/4 inch diameter and 2 with a 1 1/2 inch diameter.

Catalogue No. PB1202

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