Stainless Steel Picture Hanging Wire

Bright and Clean No coating to mar the wall Cable type Braiding
Superior Brand stainless steel filament picture wire is the first in the industry to use a patented filament system, making it not only the strongest on the market, but the softest stranded stainless steel picture wire in the industry.
Size 9 in stock: Minimum breaking strength(MBS) is 250 lbs,, 185 feet per spool (FPS), and 100 lbs maximum picture weight (MPW).

Catalogue No. FH1623-9 

We can special order the following sizes: 
1 MBS 34lbs, FPS 1650 MPW 12lbs
2 MBS 51lbs, FPS 1125, MPW 20lbs
3 MBS 68lbs, FPS 825 MPW 30lbs
4 MBS 85lbs, FPS 625, MPW 35lbs
5 MBS 102lbs, FPS 550 MPW 40lbs 
6 MBS 119lbs, FPS 465, MPW 50lbs 
8 MBS 153lbs, FPS 375 MPW 60lbs

  • $42.45