Restauro Inpainting Brush

This is a very fine quality brush made by da Vinci. This is a Male winter Kolinsky hair in a retouch size, seamless nickeled brass ferrule, and a perfectly balanced, black lacquered handle. Special “esagonal” shape (triangular hexagon w/rounded edges).

Catalogue No. IW1001 
In sizes 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 

The Restauro and Maestro are very fine quality European style brushes made by da Vinci with an extra-sharp point and the fastest action at the tip. This Maestro line of watercolor brushes are dressed and prepared in the daVinci factory by skilled artisans who turn over the prepared hair to experienced brushmakers for hand shaping. The Kolinsky Red Sable rounds point and snap with unmatched resilience and strength. The reservoir, or belly, of the brush recharges the tip. Expertly shaped, these brushes are unmatched for spring, resiliency, color & water-carrying capacity and their ability to hold a sharp edge or point. These are excellent for precise, controlled brush strokes, detail work, illustration, and restoration.

What makes these da Vinci brushes so special? It is the Kolinsky red sable hair that they are made from. It is the most valuable soft brush hair that comes from the tail of “mustela sibirica”, a marten which lives in the valleys of the Siberian rivers Amur, Tobol and Ussuri. The decisive point that makes this hair so special is that it is taken from the lush winter tales of the male. Other brushes may be called “red sable hair”, but they are made from other martins, such as the Asiatic weasel, or the hair is of the female, which is also of the golden-red color, but is not as fine or as springy (and usually sell for about ½ the price.)

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