Putois Deer Foot by Escoda

Made from the same fine soft hair as the Putois Round, this soft round brush has a unique flat, angled end useful for tamping fills, or for dusting in small contained areas. It has a seamless nickeled brass ferrule with a varnished wood handle.

Catalogue No. DB2013-6 size 6.2mm diam. 
Catalogue No. DB2013-12 size 9.5mm diam. 
Catalogue No. DB2013-18 size 15.2mm diam. 

Escoda of Spain began making brushes one at a time by hand in 1933. Their skills and exceptional craftsmanship have set new standards that have been recognized by the International Standards Ogranization. Several features make Escoda one of the highest quality brushes available.
Kolinsky Sable hair is the most highly regarded hair used in brushes. It is unusually resilient, holds sharp points and crisp edges and has terrific color holding capacity.
The root of the hair can be as important as the tips. Escoda treats the roots of each bundle of hair or filaments so that the special epoxy and cellulose glues can easily and uniformly penetrate the bottom of each brush head. This insures that the brush head will last longer and that the hair will stay in the ferrule where it belongs.
The ferrules are brass, a strong metal best for holding the brush head in place. They can have a nickel, polished, or gold finish. Escoda triple crimps the ferrules making them tighter than most other brushes even in our climate of fluctuating humidity. It is made simultaneously around the ferrule and handle, firmly securing the brush head and keeping it straight.
The handles are each properly sized to the brush head, giving them great balance and a comfortable fit in any hand. The are perfectly proportioned to fit each brush size and receive up to 5 coats of lacquer for a beautiful look and comfortable feel
Lastly, the final process of making the brush is curing the brush head. This curing process gives the hair a memory and increases the spring and resilience. The result is that the brush is more responsive, has a sharper point, crisper edges, and the ability to always return to its original shape.

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