236 German Varnishing Brush

This is a thin brush with long, fine, well flagged light bristles mounted in a “cuffed” (flat, turned back edge) metal ferrule. It has a lightly oiled raw wood handle. It is an excellent varnishing brush in that it’s thinness allows for even flow and varnish applications plus it will not split on you.

Catalogue No. VB4001-1in size 42mm x 3mm 
Catalogue No. VB4001-1 ½ in size 45mm x 3mm 
Catalogue No. VB4001-2 in size 52mm x 5mm 
Catalogue No. VB4001-2 ½ in size 55mm x 5mm 
Catalogue No. VB4001-3 in size 56mm x 6mm 
Catalogue No. VB4001-4 in size 72mm x 6mm

  • $5.95